View Full Version : I got it the first two times, okay?

11-23-12, 11:48 PM
It's irritating enough that there are at least 4 popups every time I open the game, but a couple of days ago it started going through all those popups twice (sometimes three times!) before I finally get them all closed. Not only that, but sometimes when I've been playing for a little while without having closed the game or even leaving my own island, the popups randomly appear AGAIN! Please fix this - I'm tired enough of closing a half dozen of them every time I open the game....I DON'T need to see them multiple times in one session!

03-09-13, 04:55 AM
Turn off notification ..
You know it's okay when popups starts :
When dragons finished magic in breeding den
When egg is hatched
When building the habitat done
when expanding is finished
But .. Not cool ...:
every habitat collects coins .l

kooky panda
03-09-13, 07:03 AM
Make sure you are playing on the most current version of the game.
IOS -Regular game- 1.3

Android Valentine -

If you have other versions on your device, make sure you go into the setting on your device and turn off the notifications.
On the current game, go into your settings and the game and turn off the notifications, then turn them back on.

If this does not solve the issue, delete and redownload the game.