View Full Version : please help me!

11-23-12, 05:02 AM
guuys it would be super nice if you could add me as a neighbour now and send me some gold :) it's really important, i have to speed up something because i have a competition with one of my friends :D

my ID: cedkugedchgd

would be very nice, thanks :)

11-23-12, 05:25 AM
There is an add me thread under forums. Go there, click on the game you want neighbors, and viola!!!! bunch of neighbors for you.

11-23-12, 05:36 AM
Yeah, also just. Leave your name on other peoples wall and if they want they'll add you

11-23-12, 05:40 AM
If you are doing it just for gold, find new players, lower levels, because they are more likely to gift gold to a new neighbor. Players who have been playing a while usually already have a list of players they are gifting to and wll go through that list before adding a new gifter.

11-23-12, 06:02 AM
okay thanks :)