View Full Version : can't add neighbours

11-21-12, 09:54 AM
My storm8id is haasje1979, but with this (and other) games it says it is infinity. I can not add any neighbours so I can not complete quests due to this. When will this be solved? I allready send an e-mail, but the only response is that it is worked on, but I want to know when I can fully enjoy these games....
please solve this

kooky panda
11-21-12, 10:44 AM
What is happening when you try to add neighbors? Are you getting an error message?

11-21-12, 11:07 AM
it says 'Unable to find anyone with that Storm8 ID. Make sure you have entered a Storm8 ID and not the name of their zoo.' but I tried this with several id's from the add me topic and they all give this message