View Full Version : Lost gold after a bug

11-16-12, 04:14 AM

Something really strange happened to me. I opened normally Dragon Story and played a little bit but after a while, I left my phone alone a moment and it went to sleep. When I came back, I opened my phone to play a little but after loading Dragon Story again, everything was blue. It happened to me sometimes where there were some places of the map that were all blue, so I tried to move the screen to change the view of the map and suddenly, I found something loading (with the little dragon running while loading) and I found out that I used nearly all my gold to buy apples!

I never wanted to buy apples with my gold; I was saving this gold to buy a dragon!

Can you cancel this action? Or took back the apples and give me back my gold?

Thank you!!

[S8] Elsa
11-16-12, 05:33 PM
Sorry to hear about that. Please email support@teamlava.com with concerns or questions regarding your gold. Thanks!