View Full Version : Energy bar never reaches 30

11-15-12, 04:49 PM
Minutes ago I moved up from level 12 to 13. When this occurred, I watched my energy bar move up to 29/30 and then seconds later, when the +1 energy counter hit 0:00, I watched it STAY at 29/30.

It did not fully hit 30 after leveling up OR after the meter hit 0:00.

I am confident that you, TeamLava, have seen more than enough complaints about the energy bar being capped at 30, so I will spare you my very dissatisfied opinion on that - but could you PLEASE at least allow your players/customers to enjoy the full energy permitted after leveling up?

Also, I am looking at my game screen as I type and it STILL says 29/30 - and it's been about 5-10 min since I leveled up. I'm taking a video of the glitch with my iPhone. If you need it, please let me know.

11-15-12, 04:56 PM
Added note: Before you tell me to restart everything, I DID. It does show the energy bar at 33/30, but it's still annoying that I had to reset the game and the iPad just to get it back to normal.

11-15-12, 07:00 PM
Have you emailed support@teamlava.com yet? If you have, reply back, and provide the email. If you haven't yet, send a new email to them, with the video, your ID, and what's happening.