View Full Version : Adventures - what prizes do you tend to get?

11-12-12, 03:39 PM
I only have the first two adventures unlocked: "search the ancient vault" and "hunt roaming bandits".
So far I've completed search the ancient vault a few times and hunt roaming bandits once.

I'm pretty disappointed with the hunt roaming bandits as it takes a lot of effort to gather the materials required to initiate the adventure and I only got 6 energy, 4500 coins and 1 fur in return! When I did the search the ancient vault, i've received gems 2/3 times and other useful materials plus coins. I'm know the prizes vary, so I'm curious what people are getting as prizes.

11-12-12, 04:17 PM
I have had a similar experience and only feel the first adventure is worth the effort.

11-12-12, 07:36 PM
Part of the new update we're working on will introduce a bunch of new and exciting things to be discovered in ALL adventures. :)