View Full Version : Magic Forge goal not working

11-11-12, 08:11 PM
Ive built the magic forge and crafted 5 longswords for the goal. Whenever I click to recieve my 5th sword, the goal pops up, recieve the coins and xp, but then the game resets. I have deleted and re-installed the game 3 times and it keeps happening. Any thoughts to why this keeps happening? i have the updated version of the game and play on ios.

11-11-12, 08:27 PM
Have you tried a hard restart? Hold the power and home buttons, through the power off slider, until the Apple symbol shows.

11-11-12, 08:35 PM
Yes! It's now working. Thanks greygull :)

11-11-12, 08:40 PM
That's great to hear! Yay :)