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11-11-12, 12:43 AM
Hello, I'm a new player to the game and I just wanted to share some feedback for the New Dawn version of Dragon Story.

1) The pop-ups pop up WAY TOO OFTEN.

My game crashes frequently and force-closes pretty much at least once every single time I attempt to open my game because I am playing on an older device (and yes, I have tried every troubleshooting advice in the book at this point; my device is simply old) and EVERY SINGLE TIME, I get a set of -4- pop-ups! New Team Lava Game, Zombie Dragon, Aurora Dragon, and Starter Pack!


With the frequency of my game opening and closing, do you even have any idea how many times I see the ads?! Let's say I fully load the game 10 times in a day (some valid some because of re-opening after a crash); that's -40- ads that I see in ONE attempt at playing the game for the day.

2) The Game's 'Difficulty' Level is Very High for Beginners and Progresses VERY Slowly

Earning coins is very slow and the rewards for completing goals is inconsequential. Selling Dragons is dirt-cheap while planting food is expensive (especially when you're new to the game) and breeding common dragons clog up your breeding AND nesting areas for 12 hours each.. and you run a vicious cycle which keeps repeating itself.

Unless you're spending a lot of gold bars, the game progresses EXTREMELY slowly for people new to the game and if it weren't for the fact that I like looking at the dragons, I would have tossed the game a long time ago.

As such, I am less and less willing to spend real money on the game and the seeing the Starter Pack being advertised every. single. time. my. game. opens. makes me more and more irritated.

Of COURSE I know using gold bars will speed things up, but really?

3) Timer-ed Anythings... Doesn't Mix Well With Crashing Game

Seriously, it doesn't.

The game crashing as frequently as it does all on its own is already bad enough. But crashing all the time while trying to breed for an LE dragon AND while trying to visit people's islands AND while basically trying to level up like any normal person would do just... doesn't help.

At all.

That said, I have the latest iOS version which said was supposed to improve performance and smoothness and... well. It doesn't. Not for me, anyways, and my game crashes even MORE than before.

And I do know; I have an older iPhone so of course I will experience performance issues.

Occasional crashes and game freezes I fully expect, but the freezing and crashing on the level that I am experiencing is just incredible and I run DragonVale, Smurfs, Snoopy's Street Fair, and a bunch of other resource-intensive apps on this phone in their fully updated forms without this amount of trouble that I have been experiencing.

I understand fully if the game was meant to work on newer devices, but if that is the case, then PLEASE remove support and playability from the older devices!

I would rather have a decent user/player experience than a half-baked one... and one that's not even always half-baked to begin with. Quarter-baked is sometimes all I can get and that equates to the load screen loading... before going black and force-closing.

11-16-12, 07:07 PM
Thank you for giving us your honest opinion and feedback. I will pass this on to our developers. Any suggestion may or may not be implemented and can take awhile to be implemented.