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11-09-12, 12:06 AM
First off I'd like to say this is my first game from TeamLava and i absolutely enjoy it.
The graphic is smooth and pleasing to the eye; the colors are vibrant.
The models are really well detailed and even when fully zoomed it, you can barely see the pixels; this is a truly an HD game.
The social network is really neat on how you view random players whenever you browse the list and adding friends is easy without being overly complicated.
Loving the quests. It's very interactive and sets a goal for me to do instead of mindlessly farming gold and materials; the scenes are amusing as well.
Customizing/editing your kingdom is really easy and I love how after you drag an item around it instantly locks into place without you pressing a confirmation button. It's simple yet effective.
Your store/market is the best I've seen in terms of arranging the different buildings/decorations in a certain category; I no longer have to scroll through pages to find the item I want.
What I love the most, though, about this game is the loading: there is none. Even though this game requires an internet connection, I usually instantly load into the game even after exiting the app for a certain length in time. (I play snoopy's street fair and battle nations as well and the loading in those games are atrocious)
Another big plus is, and my mind was literally blown, that you can create decorations that normally require gems in the shop. Finally an app that doesn't focus mainly on profiting through making pleasing-to-the-eye decorations/buildings that can only be required through real money.

Though I love this game, there are some hindrances that limit its full potential. One of them is the energy system.
Considering how one of the main ways to make money is through growing and harvesting vegetables and fruits, I find the energy system really retards this process. It'd be a waste of time and resources for me to grow anything that is <1hr considering energy regens at 1 per 3 minutes. Add that to the fact i'm also crafting, gathering wood and rocks (your basic raw materials), collecting taxes from houses, feeding livestock, and so forth.
It's hard enough just trying to expand in this game due to the prerequisites and the amount of gold you need to get there.
My advice is to try and lower the energy regen rate to 1 per 2 minutes or give 2 energy every 3 minutes.
Either that or increase the energy drop rate when harvesting/gathering/collecting to 60%.

Keep up the good work.

11-09-12, 12:41 AM
A great review! Thank you very much! I can promise that there are more decorations to come that you'll be able to make through crafting, or purchase for gems if you choose. As for energy.. I can totally understand your concerns. Energy is a tricky system, because if it's too loose, no one will buy it (we are a business after all), but if it's too tight, people wont want to play the game. Energy is something we're always talking about and trying to ensure players aren't too constrained on. We have some things planned in the near future, that I think could very well adress your concerns, but I can't speak on them just yet.

Please keep your feedback coming, as I read everything posted on these forums and do my best to make sure everyone is heard, and their concerns addressed to the best of my ability.