View Full Version : Popups etc make energy temporarily disappear

11-04-12, 02:07 PM
When you line up a number of actions, the appropriate amount of energy is deducted from your energy before you even start the actions. If you get a pop for another game, click on your community/neighbour list or something else happens to automatically finish all of your actions, your energy is reduced by the number of actions that were automatically finished. It takes a couple of minutes before that energy is returned.

Eg I have 40 energy and line up 10 actions. My energy now displays as 30/40. After the 5th action a popup tells me I got a gift in RS. This caused the re sing 5 actions to be done at the same time. My energy now reads 25/40. I wait a couple of minutes and it now displays as 31/40 (allowing for energy regeneration to have occurred).