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06-23-10, 02:52 PM
Since updating my 3GS to iOS4, Farm Story consistently loses it's Internet connection. I'm talking like after as little as 30 seconds. This is quite frustrating when I am having to replow the same squares 3 or 4 times before it sticks. I used to be able to queue up the whole farm green without a single drop out before the update. Connectivity to other apps is fine.

I was hoping to see others on here with the same issue... Is this a known bug? Hoping this can be fixed in a future update.

ID Moz174

06-23-10, 04:24 PM
I have had the same issues. I find that if I queue up too many plots for harvesting, plowing or planting in advance, then I get drop outs. If I slow down and wait for the server to catch up, then I don't drop out as often. I'd be interested to know other farmer's experience.

Farmer Elle

06-23-10, 09:47 PM
Hi !
I have big probl?me !
I can't going to another farm to watered !
IOS4 since 3 days :-s
I'm french, can you help me please ?
Thanks :-))))

06-23-10, 10:30 PM
If I play for half hour the connection will drop anywhere from2-5 times and lose my last move. Seems to happen more often when I goto post to someones wall. May be coincidence though. stormid. starTiger

06-24-10, 04:20 AM
I updated to iOS4 yesterday and have been having problems ever since. I get the connection problems, as others have mentioned, and I also get strange behaviour, such as having to tap a person's name multiple times to get to their farm.

The strangest thing I have seen is when trying to write to people's walls, the keyboard sometimes appears on the OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE SCREEN and I can't see what I am typing - this is extremely frustrating trying to reply to people who have left messages for me.

Has anyone else had these kinds of problems??

06-24-10, 09:08 AM
I'm having the same issues (including the keyboard being upside down), and a lot of lag when switching from farm to farm.

06-24-10, 03:27 PM
My connection is getting worse. I can't even tap one thing without it claiming I don't have connection anymore. Also I've noticed when I first log into Farm Story it will load up then the screen blinks black like it might have tried to turn around even though the phone is still in the same direction it was in when you tapped the icon. Maybe they'll get it fixed soon.

06-26-10, 08:16 PM
I'm getting connection issues constantly now. So much so that I am sure people think I am not watering back - I try but just keep losing the connection, and eventually I give up. Last night I got so frustrated with it I threw the phone across the room! Yeah I know I shouldn't get so wound up over a game.

06-26-10, 08:54 PM
There is a update coming out soon for the new iPhone 4 iOS, there is a magor floor that apple didn't fix before release, it's not FarmStory's fault, i've read the internal antenna is malfunctioning due to the bodies natural static/magnetic electricity (via the hand) - if you hold the bottom left(OR it could be right) corner! apple suggest you dont hold your phone like this (how comical :p) this app is heavily reliant on an active internet signal, if the signal drops or is too poor, it will just result in numerous errors seen above or out of sync farming.

wait for the apple ios4 update patch, it's a well known issue, google it, then again improper codeing can also contribute to poorly connecting apps, not to mention location differences..... still wait for the patch to see what happens.

too bad the developers don't use these forums at all, reliable answers would be nice for a change other than user speculation and conclusions over and over again.

06-27-10, 10:20 AM
I'm having all the same issues already mentioned, except I'm not on an iPhone at all. I upgraded my iPod Touch to the new OS4.

06-30-10, 07:32 AM
There is a update coming out soon for the new iPhone 4 iOS, there is a magor floor that apple didn't fix before release, it's not FarmStory's fault,.....

What on Earth is a "magor floor"?

06-30-10, 07:37 AM
Hi !
I have big probl?me !
I'm french, can you help me please ?
Thanks :-))))

Sorry, there's no app for that ;)

Sweet Tea
06-30-10, 07:55 AM
What on Earth is a "magor floor"?

I think "magor floor" is "major flaw" (^_~)

07-04-10, 09:55 AM
Having the same issues on iPad, without any update OS wise, didn't have them before

07-04-10, 02:08 PM
I did not play this on iOS3 but love this game and have also had this problem. I have noticed it happening with Safari though so I'm not sure this is related to the Farm Story app. I have also had the problem with the screen flipping on game load.

07-05-10, 09:07 AM
It would be great to get some feedback from the devs, this issue coming from nowhere is becoming really annoying. I never had issues initially on my ipad, playing for weeks, it suddenly appeared something like 5 days ago. Now watering my neighbours has become a massive pain in the butt, game keeps disconnecting, even though I NEVER experience disconnections on my other apps... Thanks TeamLava for looking into this.