View Full Version : Market Quest, mushrooms desapeared...

11-02-12, 12:58 AM
This Morning i've collected from the market, the mushroom Quest appeard. Had 99 in my Storage, gave it. Had 83% done. After a while i collected again some mushrooms, gave it and had only 8% done....
Where are my 99 mushrooms gone?

11-02-12, 01:37 PM
Please try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Try rebooting your device as well. If you still see this issue, please let us know.

If anyone else is experiencing this issue, please let us know as well. Thank you!

03-29-13, 07:13 AM
I cannot find mushrooms anywhere in my poking around the game ... Assistance please...?

03-29-13, 11:51 AM
You can collect mushrooms from Mushroom Patches and Mushroom Circles.