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10-31-12, 04:31 AM
Using the rates from Gems to Coins and from Gems to Goods, it seems the value of 1 good is 3 coins.

When you look at the various available businesses, it allows to calculate a net revenue when substracting the cost of Goods. It is very interesting (please note I am only at level 14, and not aware of all possible businesses):
- most of the businesses feature a net income revenue of 10. Which means, if I understand correctly, that everytime you cycle goods from an industry into a business, you get only 10 coins of net earning
- some businesses actually make more: they are the businesses you get with Gems (earnings vary from 30 per cycle to a whopping 90 for the Donut Shop)
- some make 0 (Taco stand, Toy Store, Movie Theater and Fuki Suchi)
- and the Barbershop actually loses money: every time you pour in 30 Goods (=90 coins), you get back only 80, losing 10 in the process

Am I missing something or should we get rid of barbershops ASAP?

10-31-12, 03:39 PM
You leave out the good shops: the skyview restaurant for example, with a rate of not 3, but a bit over 3.2
And the corporate tower and haunted hotel, with a rate of 3.6 and 4.2, but these cost gems to purchase.
1 good is worth about 3 coins, 3.2 if used with skyview, and 3.6 if used with corporate tower, but keep in mind you lose a bit of value by the energy click needed to collect goods from industry.
See my other posts with much more about the best and worse shops.
You are correct in that the barber shop is the very worst shop of the bunch. It gives only 80, but uses 30 goods, it has rate actually under 3.0. The coffee shop gives only 40 and is not worth the energy click, but it also uses only 10 goods. The taco shop gives 90 for 30 goods, five times faster too than the barber. Note that all these shops are not worth clicking except in the very beginning og the game.

11-02-12, 04:42 AM
the donut shop is IMO the best in terms of profitability. gives 120 coins every 5 minutes, at the cost of 10 goods. It costs 20 gems to purchase.

11-02-12, 04:09 PM
The donut shop is only good very early in the game, later on it is not worth clicking.
Compare it with the fancy condos, those give 120 for one click and don't take goods. Or compare it with the Glass Tower that gives 210 coins.

Pretty early in the game you can have a bunch of Condo Highrises. Those give 90 per click and per 30 minutes. Since you get +10 clicks in 30 minutes you can just use them all on the condo highrises. In practice 10 or 20 are enough to always have a building to click for +90 coins.
Compare clicking 10 times on the donut shop for 10 times 120 coins. That gives 1200 coins. Minus the goods that's 1133 profit.
Compare that with clicking 3 times on the corporate tower and 7 times on a condo highrise. That gives 3 times 400 coins, plus 7 times 90 coins is 1830 coins. Minus the goods that's 1610 profit. Even minus two extra clicks on industry it's still 1430 profit. Much more than clicking on the donut shop. With better houses the difference becomes much bigger.
Profitable houses and more expensive shops make the donut shop not worth the energy click, and thus useless.