View Full Version : I have them all! we need more monsters!

10-29-12, 08:00 AM
After just breeding the blue blob and tree rex about 20 times for getting the frankenmonster i finally got it! because all i needed now was the hermit cat ( wich has been a pain to get) i put my furball and shelllizard in and voila! 36 hours breeding time... I feel like its much easier gettting monsters then it is in getting dragons in DS. maybe im just that lucky! but after months of breeding a diamond dragon im on level 63 and still nada and i cant even breed the halloween dragons, it feels MS is easier, not that i havent had to try alot to get some of the monsters.

But i do feel like there are less monsters coming out then dragons, we need more monsters!.

just felt like shaing my happiness :)

10-29-12, 09:01 AM
I feel monsters is getting easier than dragons also,all I have of LMT dragons is the witch(but plenty of diamonds and infinities to ease my pain),but now on monsters I seem to be making Pegasus every few days,and monsters is now more enjoyable than dragons,and having only one LMT monster to try for makes it less stressful,but yes,we need a few more monsters(and please,make them as "monster-y" as frankengore!

10-29-12, 10:51 AM
same here!

dragon story doesn't make fun anymore since i am not able to breed that DIAMOND DRAGON! i've been trying for months and still no diamond...

10-29-12, 02:50 PM
The game is not easy or hard, it's all just about luck.
You have been very lucky to get all monsters so soon, but most people haven't gotten all monsters yet.
I've been playing from the start, using gold (three a day plus more for installing games) to buy a second nest and speed up breeding, and always breeding monsters, and I'm still missing a few: shellwing, phoenix, burnbark, forest scarab, and of course the pegasus.
My friends have also been playing from the start and are also missing about the same number of monsters.
It's pretty safe to say there are not too few monsters. And it's also safe to say that there will be more monsters released in the future.
I like this game way better than dragon story. In dragon story, even though I'm max level, I don't even have half of the dragons, because they are all super or ultra rare.

10-30-12, 11:05 AM
I actually don't have all the monsters,6 Pegasus,but not all monsters,haven't tried for them all