View Full Version : Does changing my monsters names lower my chances of a diamond

10-28-12, 07:33 PM
I am using a sea buffalo and palmwing trying to get a diamond but, I am using 2 monster that I changed there names to the names of 2 a friend had and got a diamond.(don't remember the names right this moment). Well, 50 attempts later and no diamond for me. Does changing the name of monster give them worse luck than 2 monster that naturally have names that the game gave them?

10-29-12, 06:36 AM
I changed the names of my monsters and got a diamond with them. I don't think it matters. Try switching out your pairs if you're not having any luck.

10-29-12, 06:41 AM
the names don't really matter,so if u want to change your names u can,i don't do it cuz most of the names of my monsters have already got cool names!

10-29-12, 02:09 PM
(blue canary) I have had luck just not for a diamond. I have gotten every monster except inferoo. I even got the new Frankenogre first time.(funny part was it was with a sea bufalo and palmwing). I'm going to switch to my sky turtle and burnbark lizard and try them for a while. I keep hearing about people getting a diamond using a sky turtle.

10-30-12, 04:40 AM
In my opinion there is some attribute for each monster that is determining their chances of rares, for now I am attributing it to the name, since it is the only visible difference I can see. It is possible there is a hidden stat, don't know. As for name changing there are three possibilities:
It keeps it original luckiness
Its luck changes to the new name (which does not work if it is a custom name)
It neutralizes the luck (as in it goes to the default luck level which could be neutral or low)

So I would advise not bothering with the names. If you get 5 commons in a row with a pair of monsters change one or both of the parents out.

10-30-12, 06:23 AM
I got a diamond with monsters who had name changes

10-30-12, 07:57 AM
Names do not matter... Pony Roar posted on DS forums that name doesn't matter. :)

10-30-12, 01:02 PM
In that case, we have ruled out, names, level, and order. Something is causing the unbalancedness in luck people are experiencing. Trying to figure it out is troublesome.

10-30-12, 10:59 PM
@tr8on Yay, ponyroar cleared the whole name issue in my dragon story thread. Keep spreading the word so that people don't stress over it anymore.
Thanks for everyone's opinion.
I'm starting to think that nothing boosts your chance of getting a diamond. It really seems to be based on luck and luck alone. On both monster and dragon story

10-31-12, 08:56 AM
Nope. I bred Phoenix + Medusasaur and I got a diamond, and I changed both of the monsters names. Names don't matter.

10-31-12, 08:57 AM
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