View Full Version : Wisp lantern error??

10-28-12, 09:09 AM
I looked at area to expand and it stated i needed 7 wisp lanterns. I paid the money and had the royal needed, loaded 4 lanterns and left to build more. When i returned to load another, it showed i had 5/9 but the message stated i still needed just 7. I just finished the last two, loaded them and the expansion didnt happen???? Whats up with that??

10-28-12, 09:30 AM
I have exactly the same issue too, think it probably should read 9 wisp lanterns and not 7, as 7 was the figure before the latest update. I was devasted when the number of lanterns increased, wish I paid for everything all in one go! But hey ho, it's only a game!

10-28-12, 09:41 AM
Your probably right. Didnt factor in the update in between. Oh well. Thanks for the reply.

11-07-12, 09:29 PM
I am having the same problem expanding. I loaded one wisp lantern, went back to make another, came back and it was back at 0/5. I tried again, got to 1/5, left and came back and it said 0/4. I added 2 more, it went to 2/5. So after making 4, right now I have credit for 2.... that may be gone next time I open the game. :(