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10-25-12, 03:34 PM
Title says it all

10-25-12, 03:53 PM
I remember it's another gem item,I believe it's cost 90 gem.

10-29-12, 03:47 AM
It costs 80 gems, and then gives 400 coins for 110 goods in 45 minutes. It's one of the best businesses.

11-07-12, 01:57 PM
Well, a bit bad on time return...but semi decent return on goods. A non gem building with the same goods would give u 350-360 gold.
so not really worth the 80 gems. Just go for a regular biz.

Till a gem biz doesn't give a return of 5 times, it makes no sense buying it. A 3.5/3.6 gold to good ratio is hardly an improvement over the regular 3x +bonus 10 to 30 gold.

11-07-12, 02:10 PM
How is the best business building of the game only "semi decent"?
There's also the Hotel that gives 380 coins for 90 goods, but it costs 220 coins.
The Gas station is one of the best non-gem shops and it gives 410 coins for 130 goods. There's no sense of scale if the best is only semi-decent.
The Skyview Restaurant is great and doesn't cost gems. But I can't think of anything better to buy with gems than the Corporate Tower (in that gem-price range.)
Other cool gem items are often just decorations. The Corporate Tower makes a lot of extra money, and looks cool too.

11-07-12, 02:31 PM
The reason why I call it semi decent is exactly that... It costs gems.
Add to the fact that it gives me only an additional return of .5/.6x gold over my non gem businesses... It loses attractiveness pretty quick.
If it gave me a return of 550 gold for those 110 goods, I would consider spending the 80 gems, or about $3 worth at best gem value pack price.

As I said in my earlier posts, non gem businesses give a return of around 3 times the good value and a bonus gold amount of 10-30 gold depending on the amount of goods being used.

Letting real life amounts affect my valuation of in game values, of course.

11-07-12, 02:45 PM
To explain my system better,
Gas station with a 3x multiple and a 20 gold bonus... 130x3=390+20 bonus = 410 gold.
Hotel = costing gems and a 4x multiple.. =90x4=360 + 20 gold bonus... = 380 gold.
Tower = costing gems, 3x return .. = 110*3=330+50= 380.
So only a 30 gold additional bonus compared to my non gem buildings.

Now I know I should be using exact Maths to get the exact return on an equated base value, but still using my bonus system is easier to calculate the return from each building as well as arguably more relevant when I'm analysing actual benefits.

Saying I get 4.22 return from the hotel and a 3.6 return from the corp tower (3.2 for a restaurant) is a slight pain calculating when I'm analysing things mentally.

Even if I consider the fact that it will pile up over the number of times I use it over the days, that 12% bonus ( restaurant vs tower = 3.6 / 3.2) is not worth it when u consider the click/ energy system used by team lava.

In a nut shell, semi decent value IMO :).

11-07-12, 02:49 PM
Edit ...
Now I know I should be using exact Maths to get the exact return on an equated base value, but still using my bonus system is easier to calculate the return from each building as well as arguably more relevant when I'm analysing actual tangible* (edit) benefits.

The hotel seems more attractive... Hmm, almost 3 corporate towers vs a hotel. Wonder how long the hotel will take to overtake the corporate towers.

11-07-12, 03:30 PM
The restaurant gives 50 coins more (450) and uses up 30 more goods (-140) than the Corporate Tower.
The restaurant gives 3600 coins in only 8 energy clicks, and the Corporate Tower gives 3600 coins in 9 energy clicks.
You seem to get one free click with the Skyview Restaurant.
However, the restaurant uses 140x8=1120 goods. The corporate tower uses 110x9=990 goods.
That's 130 goods less.
You also have to click on the industry to collect goods; getting 180 goods (2 hour idea factory) uses 1 click.
Using up 130 extra goods also means the Skyview Restaurant uses up 0.72 extra click.
So it doesn't give an extra 1.00 energy click, it only gives 0.28 free clicks.
130 goods are worth 130x3.21=417 coins (or 130x3.6=468 coins with the corporate tower.)

In the end you get an extra energy click with the Skyview Restaurant every 32 clicks, when compared with clicking the Corporate Tower for the same coins.
But after clicking 32 times, the Skyview Restaurant will also have used up 462 more goods, as compared with the Corporate tower giving the same coins.
That's worth 1483 (at least) in coins. 1483 is worth way more than one extra energy click.
In conclusion the Corporate Tower is much better (in making profit) than the Skyview Restaurant. The only downsides are it's size, it costs gems, and it's slower.
I have only two Corporate Towers (because they cost gems) I also need three Skyviews to turn all goods into money.

There's a topic with a comparison of shops, and some math comparing them, taking energy clicks etc. into consideration.

The hotel uses only 90 goods for 380 coins. 380 coins is still good enough to click, and the rate is much better than with the Corporate Tower.
How much better it is than the Corporate Tower (a lot) and if it's better to buy 2 or 3 Corporate Towers (160 or 240 gems) or 1 Hotel (220 gems) is an interesting calculation that I'll do some other time. The hotel is even slower than the Corporate Tower, so you are even more dependent on Skyviews, especially with only one Hotel.

11-07-12, 04:23 PM
I see your point, but the 45 min (1 hour for the hotel) is a pain considering the 15 mins of the sky view and I have a mental block of spending gems for them.... But lets analyse.

I do agree 1483 coins is a good monetary indicator of how the tower is better than the sky view ( not considering the hotel as building further on what u rightly pointed out, one would need 2-3 per factory of them to use all the goods u will be generating per factory).
Back to the skyview vs corproate.. the 1483 coins are over 32 clicks (using ur figures, am sure they are correct).
How many days is that... A player would log in 3-4 times a day for the factories. On the upper limit about 10 times?
About 6-6.8-12.85 times the sky view could be used (total goods divided by 140 per cycle.. 10 times = 2 hour contract, 4 times = 4 hour contract, 3 times = 8 hour contract ) (going for 1 factory per sky view) (assume you have 6 sky views but considering that it takes only 15 mins a cycle, players generally make do with 3-4, so .5 to .6 per factory).
So that's about 2.5 to 5 days to get that 1483 coin benefit. (32 clicks divided by the number of times the sky view can be used).
That would be around 600 coins on a best case practical scenario, right? (rounding higher, the benefit over the 2.5 days).
(you could do this analysis the other way round, using the towers as an example too).

At the best gem pack of 125,000 coins for 250 gems, that's equal to almost 210 days to get a return on the gem value.
I'm not sure if it's worth it, at all...

If u want, please change the figures to what you experience and let me know.. I would genuinely want to know if it's worth it, at even higher, more active levels.

11-07-12, 05:06 PM
But I can't think of anything better to buy with gems than the Corporate Tower (in that gem-price range.)

That could be the only reason for me to buy the corporate tower.. Nothing else in that gem range and something to use the free gems one has accumulated :).
But I would still consider squirrelling away my gems waiting for a good building to be released.. Good not in return value, but in looks and uniqueness, like the pub or the baseball stadium perhaps.

11-08-12, 05:32 AM
I always dump my goods through my two Corporate Towers, and I use Three Skyview Restaurants for the other goods (otherwise the 3000 goods capacity would overflow quickly.) So most goods go through the Skyview Restaurant. The goods going through the Corporate Towers are just a bonus, they are processed more efficiently.

I log in about 12 to 16 times a day. Every 2 hours, except 8 hours of sleep, for the industry. And sometimes in-between, to spend the extra 10 energy that would go to waste after 90 minutes, and to click on businesses. Most people of course can't or don't want to do this. I think most people log in 2 to 5 times a day (my friends do this.)

You want to compare buying the Corporate Tower with buying cash for gems? That's a good way to determine its worth.
Let's say a player has all Skyview Restaurants (most efficient non-gem business) and decides to buy a Corporate Tower, to use that along with the Skyviews.
As we have determined, the Corporate Tower makes him about 1483 extra money in 32 clicks. (compared to using just Skyview Restaurants.)
Using just Skyviews would have given him one extra energy click, that's worth let's say 120 coins, so the Corporate Tower makes about 1363 net profit after 32 clicks.

If you buy money for gems (the rate is pretty good) then you get 10000 for 20 gems. (the bigger packs are no better.)
So the Corporate Tower earning 1363 money after 32 clicks is worth 2.73 gem.
If 32 clicks is 2.73 gem, then 80 gems is 937.73 clicks.
So you have to click the Corporate Tower 938 times to get your money worth in gems out of it.
(You get 10000 for 20 gems, so the Corporate Tower (80 gems) can be seen as costing 40000 coins.)

If you click the Corporate Tower 15 times a day, then you'll have "earned it back" in 62 days, or about two months.
If you click the Corporate Tower 10 times a day, then you'll have "earned it back" in 94 days, or about three months.
If you click the Corporate Tower 5 times a day, then you'll have "earned it back" in 188 days, or about six months.
If you click the Corporate Tower 2 times a day, then you'll have "earned it back" in 469 days, or about 15 months.
If you click the Corporate Tower 1 times a day, then you'll have "earned it back" in 938 days, or about 31 months.

After that time, you'll have gained a cool looking free gem building, that'll only start making money. I think it's worth it, unless you click only once a day. I would never buy just money with my gems, I'd rather buy gem decoration that does nothing.
With the gems I got for free (from goals and game installs) I bought:
1 Haunted Castle (it looks cool and makes 310 in 12 hours)
1 Baseball Stadium (it looks cool but it's the same as the post office, except taking up 16 squares instead of 1)
2 Corporate towers
1 Spanish Villa
1 Park Bridge
The rest I lost in gem traps. If you decide to save your gems, be extremely careful with expansion gem traps.
I'd say just buy the gem items you like best. If you hate the Corporate Tower, then by all means buy the Baseball Stadium.
My friend bought the Scary Tree. It does nothing.

11-08-12, 11:12 AM
Wow too much information for me. I have one Haunted Hotel I bought for decoration. The look isn't something I would put just anywhere. The Corporate Tower would and does look great anywhere. Buy what you like.

I bought Towers in the beginning of the game when factories used to produce more goods. Unfortunately my towers are in storage because game crashes. I would like to know which takes more memory in the game, the well lit tower or the dim hotel with flashing lights? I kept Skyview Restuarants because they are small and a great money maker.