View Full Version : City Story/ City Story Metro/ City Story Halloween?

10-24-12, 02:40 PM
hello all, I have a few questions!

1) I played City story about a year ago and just recently re-downloaded it because my mom is now playing (lol) however, i tried to add her and it said that her stormID didn't have a character in the game. I know that she does, I know her stormid (it's my mom!) I have added her id on other games and it worked, but its not working on City Story. I am playing on android and she is on iphone, any chance that is affecting it?

2) I have been seeing a lot of stuff about City Story Metro. Mine is not called that, it's just City Story. Is there an update that android users do not have yet? Does the fact that it's City Story Metro prevent regular City Story players from adding City Story Metro players?

3) I also play Restaurant/Bakery/Fashion story, which all have a halloween version, and I have noticed that some of my city story neighbors have halloween shops, which I do not see in my market anywhere. Is this also an iphone only/city story metro update only that android users cannot have?

I think that covers most of my questions right now, just a lot of new, strange things I'm not used to. I would appreciate any help you can give, or directing me to another thread that might offer some insight. Thanks!

10-24-12, 02:47 PM
All i know is that city story and city metro story are different games..... Teamlava announced that city story is discountinued and won't be getting new updates .. In ios device if you uninstall city story you can download it back since its not in app store no more

10-24-12, 02:52 PM
Thank you! That is very helpful. I was starting to suspect that they might be different games.