View Full Version : Server out of stink with my device???

10-23-12, 03:25 AM
My storm I'd is suzysuzy35 and I'm playing dragon,monster pet hotel an d pet story. I have noticed that when setting things, the time is taking longer than stated. I.e an expansion on dragon story today should finish at 3pm, now it says it will be ready at 4pm. I've played bakery and fashion on another device and I have not experienced this before. I'm playing on the new iPad.

Anyone else experience this. I posted another thread at 8am today and on this forum it said I posted it last night at 11.30pm which I know is wrong. I wondere if its team lavas server or something. It's really annoying.

10-23-12, 03:45 AM
Still happening with pet hotel story just added half an hour onto an expansion.