View Full Version : Crop and Town Bldg Changes now in Affect

10-21-12, 08:06 PM
The changes to the crop profits that MHz_ spoke of are here.

The new time/cost/earnings are:
Corn / 3 mins / 10 coins / 30 coins
Wheat / 2 hrs / 30 coins / 90 coins
Tomatoes / 10 mins / 5 coins / 40 coins
Sugar Cane / 4 hrs / 60 coins / 160 coins
Hot Peppers / 12 hrs / 110 coins / 360 coins
Strawberries / 1 hr / 60 coins / 170 coins
Carrot / 1 day / 190 coins / 630 coins
Cabbage / 16 hrs / 170 coins / 510 coins
Glimmer bulb ?? (level 20 and I'm on level 19 for another 2 hrs)

Town Building changes:
Farmhouse: 70 coins in earning every 10 mins
Market Place: 900 coins in earnings every 1 day
Tavern: 440 coins in earning every 8 hrs

10-21-12, 08:13 PM
Some may be wondering why the change. MHz_ explained a few days ago:

Several reasons...

Our original design was intended to get users to make most of their coins from crops, not buildings. The changes to crops and buildings now reflect that orignal design intent. Costs on crops are only increased to maintain the balance with their time and profit. Coin building costs were never changed.
Changes to animals were done mainly because when we released them, we didn't have final values in place. They were never intended to mature so fast. Animal costs were only increased slightly, mainly because they have different income values when collected.

As for the changes to crafting, the main reason is that players are moving through content (quests, levels, etc..) faster than we had intended, and faster than we can put out new stuff to do. The other reason is more of a business decision, which I hope you can understand without me having to say more than that.

Hope this helps clear things up further.

10-21-12, 10:39 PM
Glimmerbulb / 8 hrs / 140 coins / 340 coins in earnings

10-21-12, 11:21 PM
We should have a "market place" to sell our crops... Otherwise all the crops will be full and can't collect anymore.

10-21-12, 11:44 PM
We should have a "market place" to sell our crops... Otherwise all the crops will be full and can't collect anymore.

True, but you'd still get the income and there's no limit on planting so there's no negative impact. A waste perhaps but no real loss.

10-24-12, 07:16 PM
You can totally collect crops when they're full... They just add more money to your treasury. The last time I checked it was an extra 15 coins per plot, but I haven't checked recently.