View Full Version : So this just happened.

10-20-12, 05:08 PM
I currently have a level 11 kingdom and was going to collect some more crops and farm tax before heading to sleep. Out jumps a fanged beast (that orange wolf). And I have to forge a meat cleaver to kick his butt.

The problem? He covers (aside from farms and fields) BOTH my workshops. I can't build another one at my current level either (and I honestly think I'm too early in the game to waste more gold and materials and on extra building that I don't need ...).
Of course I can't edit the workshops to another place either.

I'm just a little... I don't even know XD I'm sort of upset at this mess.
So unless I level up (assuming I can build another workshop then), I'm screwed? cause there's no way I'm selling my kitchen or potion shop, those cost even more. ;_;

If I'd had more expanded land, I'd have moved those farms away from the workshops long ago, but at the moment it's all a little cramped up.

10-20-12, 05:10 PM
Oh wait. I can craft a meat cleaver in the kitchen? I didn't expect that XD

Either way I might stop collecting from farms in a while XD