View Full Version : City Story Land Purchase Bug

10-19-12, 04:18 PM
Account name LaughsIIG, city name Cowtown, have expanded city many times with no issues, last 2 expansions I bought a wooded lot and ended up with a 4x4 lake that is useless, last expansion I bought a completely open area of land and ended up with a heavily wooded lot, what gives here?

10-19-12, 04:23 PM
For the 4x4 Lake that was unlocked when you expanded, you can move the lake tiles to another place or sell and store it. For the heavily wooded lot, you can always clear or move them in edit mode.

10-24-12, 07:40 AM
You can move trees?? In edit mode?.? Really?.

10-24-12, 10:27 AM
Sorry, I meant you can move any decorative trees or chop the regular trees that are on the land.

You can move trees?? In edit mode?.? Really?.

10-28-12, 05:05 PM
You can't move or sell lake tiles. Only the water tiles that you purchase can be moved. You can use energy to remove lakes just like chopping down trees.

12-14-12, 04:42 AM
I recently did a land expansion and waited the hour for it to finish. After it finished I attempted to move buildings and roads onto it and it will not allow me to. When I hit edit the new land shows up as the blue squares but then when I move a building it won't even let me cross over onto it. Also when I attempt to expand again it will not allow me anymore. I am on level 16

12-14-12, 11:51 AM
Have you tried force closing, uninstalling and reinstalling the game, and restarting your device?