View Full Version : New Dawn goals for android

10-18-12, 07:03 AM
When are android users getting new dawn goals? Please give us goals

10-18-12, 10:11 AM
Agreed.... It has been almost a month since the new dawn came out for iphone users and we still havent heard any news about getting it on the androids. I have been holding my game where its at, waiting to have access to the new goals and the new dawn tree that increases income to offset the higher costs. I am running out of things to do without expanding though. All my dragons have been evolved and I have been trying nonstop for the new witch dragon since that came out and havent got it yet. So any news for those of us who have been waiting patiently?

10-18-12, 01:29 PM
Yes...it's getting very annoying, waiting this long. Honestly though, I wouldn't very surprised if we NEVER got the new goals. Or the boosts. Or the new art. Or timers for limited dragons. Or...you get the idea.

[S8] Elsa
10-18-12, 04:15 PM
I'm glad to hear you're interested in New Dawn's features. The New Dawn dragons and habitats are available in the Android version. Unfortunately, the boosts aren't available in this version. I'm not able to speculate on updates to the games, but the feedback has been reported. ^_^