View Full Version : New iPad.

10-17-12, 12:45 PM
I've got a new iPad and I'd hoped I could log in with my existing stormid. BUT I can't. It's only possible to make a new stormid. Suggestions anyone??
My stormid is: lautjewuppie


10-17-12, 12:48 PM
This thread can help you: http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?11887-PLEASE-READ-How-to-Transfer-to-a-New-Device&highlight=transfer

03-04-13, 04:20 PM
I am having the same problem. I bought an iPod Touch and I want to transfer my games. However, no matter WHAT method I try, they still wont transfer. Although it didnt work for me, you could try the transfer page. Hope this helps. If that doesnt work, try to e-mail TeamLava and they will try to transfer for you. Advise that that didnt work for me either.

Hope this helps!!!!!!