View Full Version : server flashback? lost my stuff!!!

10-16-12, 11:11 PM
I spent the past 2 hours dealing with the goal "rich windbag caravan" (lock and unlock iphone screen for several times and wifi remains available and everything's going well) and suddenly after a recent unlocking the game seems "reset": there should be only approx. 5 jewels as well as no more than 10 carrots to be done, but now i have ANOTHER 40 jewels, 48 silvers and 87 carrots to go !!!!! What's going on ?!?!!?!

Plus, as I know for the parts needed for ivy's hut, I requested all my 88 neibours on glimmerdust yesterday and there's no reason NO SINGLE ONE increased in the list of parts needed. Something must be wrong. I hope there's any GM online.

10-16-12, 11:34 PM
Try restarting your device, or deleting and reinstalling the game.

Only 20 neighbors per day can answer requests. If you are sending requests to more people then that, it will clog up your requesting system, and take multiple days for you to recieve your items. Try skipping sending requests for a few days, then only send requests to 20-25 people per day.

10-16-12, 11:36 PM
About the 2nd part & the glimmer dust requests I was reading yesterday in one of the posts about gifting that each day we can only receive 20 gift requests & it might cause a bit of a problem if we send too many requests out.
Hope someone else can help you more!

10-16-12, 11:53 PM
thanks greygull,
but i still have problem with rich windbag caravan, can you check on server records or so?
i don't wanna make ANOTHER 40 jewels, 48 silvers and 87 carrots...

10-17-12, 12:11 AM
Sorry, I can't check servers - I'm just a player mod, I don't actually work for TL. You can send an email to support@teamlava.com Give them your ID and what's happened. They can check, and hopefully give you good news.