View Full Version : cannot buy Rob's steakhouse

10-15-12, 05:34 AM
Actually I had bought one before the competition was a posted - but now I cannot buy one to fulfill the competition - ironically I have credit for supplying the steakhouse but no credit for buying it - it does not appear in the stoer so I cannot even buy another one.

10-15-12, 10:05 AM
me too

10-15-12, 12:06 PM
I also am having this problem. I bought the steakhouse before I started the goal and it does not give me credit for this.The steakhouse has now disappeared in the business section and can not be bought again. What do we need to do to complete the goal?

kooky panda
10-15-12, 02:27 PM
This goals is not retroactive, you will need to sell your current steakhouse so you can then buy another one to complete the goal.

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