View Full Version : Steakhouse goal problem (Halloween version)

10-13-12, 02:12 AM
I bought and built the haunted steakhouse before the goal for it came up, and now that it tells me to 'buy steakhouse' I have found that I am unable to buy another one as it no longer appears in the store.

Putting my existing steakhouse in storage doesn't help, and i'm a bit unwilling to try selling it off as I don't know if that will fix things at all.

Please help, it's no fun being stuck like this :(!

10-13-12, 05:42 AM
Me too. Help me!!!!

10-13-12, 07:39 AM
I got the same problem...
I made a decision selling the one I've bought then bought a new one...
work for me! Good luck~

10-13-12, 08:31 AM
Oh joy, it does work! Thanks ever so much :D

10-13-12, 08:48 AM
But the goal comes up need 2days to complete...

10-13-12, 07:18 PM
I had the same steakhouse problem. I already bought steakhouse in beginning before the goal showed up. The game wouldn't recognize that I had a steakhouse and I couldn't buy another one because it doesn't show up in the market. I supplied my steakhouse which is part of the goal. It showed I supplied steakhouse but didn't recognize that I had a steakhouse. I sold my steakhouse and it let me buy another one which immediately completed the goal.

10-15-12, 04:56 PM
Me too kooky please help

10-15-12, 05:00 PM
You will need to sell the item and purchase it again as the goal is not retroactive.

10-16-12, 05:15 PM
Hey guys, we have some good news :)

We were able to change it so that the goal is now retroactive to help you guys out. If you already purchased the Haunted Steakhouse in the past, you do not need to sell it and buy it again for the goal.

10-16-12, 05:40 PM
Great I was a day late...my luck. Lost coins for nothing...300,000 for the goal will take forever, especially considering how we need more boxes to earn any money from the items that actually make us a lot of coins. Impossible to reach to max cap of goods if you use them on your businesses.

10-17-12, 05:59 AM
Ain't afraid of no Gouls goal.... Do I really need 100 neighbors to complete this goal?

10-17-12, 06:11 AM
Never mind. Someone already answered. You have to have 100 neighbors to visit. What is there another goal after that one? 100 neighbors is too many.

10-17-12, 06:01 PM
After 100 nbrs comes buying liberty for 300,000 coins...the end and final goal