View Full Version : paid 800,000 to clear and now trees are back

10-11-12, 07:41 AM
Level 40. Down to one goal, no new ones are appearing.
i just cleared a bitter bark tree for 800,000 coins yesterday and now it's back like I didn't clear it.
Not happy about that at all.
Still can't bread a diamond dragon no matter what combination I try. Dozens & dozens of times.
Still do not have sound for the game.
Still have not been replied to after 5 different e-mails to teamlava about multiple issues with the game.
I have poured tons of money into this game for no service.
Fun and addictive game but I'm not sure it's worth the headache, time, and waste of money!
I have uninstalled and reinstalled too many times to count to try to fix things. Nothing works.

10-11-12, 07:45 AM
This is on Dragon Story

10-11-12, 07:52 AM
I play on my android cell phone.

10-11-12, 09:52 AM
Do you have the game moved to your SD card? Do you use a task killer/manager before opening the game?

The emails you've sent to support - how long has it been? Did you recieve an automated reply?