View Full Version : Social Rating

10-08-12, 11:05 AM
How long does it take before your social rating starts dropping? Does it drop if you don't visit neighbors, or does it drop if you haven't helped out with any hearts? If your rating is three hearts, can it ever drop to two (or one, or none)?

10-09-12, 11:02 AM
Yes it can drop and it drops quickly i went from a High 3 rating almost 4 to a low 2 rating because i took the weekend off my game to spend with my boyfriend now i have to work to get my rating back i thin that the de-ranking is ridiculous considering it take so long to get up to a 3 or more rank i think that once you reach a rank you should keep that rank unless you don't help out for a week then you loose one rank for every week you are not helping as some of us have lives other than these games to keep out ranking up

10-11-12, 01:06 PM
I have no clue why my rank dropped last night. I've been diligently visiting my neighbors, gifting, and visiting new places. I went to sleep on the verge of getting my fourth heart and now I have a quarter of the bar to refill.