View Full Version : New too ZOO STORY!

10-08-12, 10:01 AM
Hey guys, i am new to ZOO STORY i kinda like it my brother mostly plays on it and dragon story my borhter mostly plays on that too. I like playing on Fashion Story i love the game it's like a game was made especially for me you might think i go on with myself go ahead think what you like i don't care! But i know myself i am a CHATTERBOX when i speak too my mates i don't really GAB on but today i feel a little chatty....................................WOW i cannot wait for the new fashions too come in Fashion story...The theme is HALLOWEEN so watch out guys if you have sisters or if you are a girl start Fashion Story you'll TOTS love it and don't get me wrong but i don't like Dragon Story sorry not a game made especially for me UGH sorry Teamlava make the game Fashion Story for laptop without download because then i can play it every single day WOW I CHAT ME!