View Full Version : I don't get new goals? :(

10-08-12, 07:20 AM
I'm on the level 23 and I haven't gotten new goals. I have two for the other games; Bubble Mania and Home Design Story, but not for this game. Do I really have to start palying those games to get new goal? -.- I can't stand Home design story and its ridiculous waiting times.

I have tried force restarting the came a couple of times, but it doesn't help. The latest goals I got were to have two movie theaters and two sushi restaurants.

What's wrong with this game? :(

10-08-12, 01:28 PM
Did you get rob goes to a frat party ?
That was the last one I had.. And yes, I did install and play dragons, design and bubbles.
Not going to do the Halloween one though.