View Full Version : Has anyone have new Halloween Resturant goal show up dragon ?

10-06-12, 08:25 AM
Hello ..for the past week , I have had on and the Halloween Resturant goal pop up on all the games I play on both my iPad (1st generation ) and my itouch (3rd) generation .it has shown up on FS BS,home ,bubble,pet shop, pet hotel, zoo 2, imobster,world games, monster and dragon on the itouch with no issues. Downloaded it and recieved the rewards on my itouch. I always open the goals on each before downloading as I think that's needed to gain the gems/ gold before to recieve them . On my iPad , I saw it pop up..so I started opening all the same games ( I have the same each except no world war/ imobster on iPad ).

Before I finish opening the goals on each game on the iPad , I notice they goal seems to "drop off".. Then it seems to reappear the following day for the past week. The only game it is now not showing up is dragon game ( where I desperately could use gold due the aether and diamond dragon attempts .. Lol). I have force closed all games to see if that would help and have the latest version of software for iPad ( 5.1.1 iOS ).

Is this resturant halloween game goal not going to offered on dragon story or is this a bug? ( have both regular and new dawn version )..really could use the 30 gold😊

10-06-12, 08:28 AM
If my question is unclear , I basically want to know if anyone has recieved the pumkin slice goal on either dragon version to get rewards if dowmloading the Resturant Halloween game. Thanks :)

10-06-12, 08:43 AM
In general:
In order to get the gems for each of your games, you need to have the goal pop up in each game before you install and play the new game (in this case, RS: Halloween). If you download and played the game before the goal pops up, you get nothing.

In my experiences, there were some goals offered on certain games and not others. I always wait a few days to see the goals show up for all my games. However, on occasion, the goals don't show up. Once, I got a goal for downloading and playing farm on Bakery, but that same goal never showed up in my other games. *shrugs*

BTW, I got the RS: Halloween goal for all my games.

10-06-12, 08:45 AM
I didn't even get it in one game ... I'm unlucky no diamond and no Pegasus

10-06-12, 10:57 AM
Thanks guys ..seems like I need to wait a bit more to download it..I haven't yet on my ipad but will give it more time ..and im in tne same boat.haven't got a Pegasus or diamond on either of my 2 accounts since beginning of game release..maybe this will be my lucky weekend..lol..

10-19-12, 10:58 PM
Same with me
I have bakery story halloween edition goal, but
I don't have restaurant story halloween edition goal, but i have downloaded it and get 30 gold.
Then I see on my another account, I download restaurant story halloween edition and get 30 gold, then I see RS : halloween edition goal named supernatural chef ( lvl 9,get 15 gold and 3 stars)

I check my another account and still not RS: halloween edition goal on my android,
I restart my device, reinstall dragon story and the goal still doesn't appear !!!

TeamLava .... Why it's happen to me ?!?!?!