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10-04-12, 04:38 PM
I put a room (lounge) in storage while I was re-arranging stuff and when I checked my inventory the room was not there. There should be a x1 to indicate that I already have one of those rooms. This is the second time it happened. The first one was weeks ago and I thought it was just a fluke but now it just happened again. I tried to reset the game several times but didn't get the room back. Has anyone experienced this too?

10-04-12, 04:53 PM
I think the 6 x 6 room used to be called a gourmet kitchen before it was changed to lounge so if you bought 1 then and stored this one, it won't appear as x1 on the lounge when you look through the add rooms tab (there's no gourmet kitchen here now) but it will appear in the storage tab section as gourmet kitchen. Both are 6 x 6.

10-04-12, 05:09 PM
Please send in a ticket to Support@TemaLava.com. In the ticket, please provide as much detail as possible.

10-04-12, 06:36 PM
Has anyone experienced this too?

Yes, this happened to me. Do you have a lot of stuff in storage? I think that was my problem. Here's what I did... I started taking stuff out of storage and putting it in the grass (it looking like a rummage sale.. Hehehe). Once I had 15 or 20 items cleared out of storage, then the room I was missing showed up again.

That was before they added the feature that shows the +1. I don't know why you don't have that.

10-04-12, 10:47 PM
ok i figured it out thanks to both of you. zoroak is right, the rooms were in the storage menu named differently as gourmet kitchen and living room. these labels do not appear in the current room selections that's why i didn't see any x1. i followed annascoffee's suggestion and as i was searching for my stored items in each tab and taking them out that's when i saw the storage tab. didn't really notice that before since it was the last tab. problem solved. thanks guys!

10-08-12, 04:59 PM
You can store rooms? I've never even tried that.