View Full Version : Done with RS.. Tired of monotonic content and constantly losing gem.

11-27-10, 10:11 AM
Lost 10gem for $10,000 AgaIN. I see that other ppl are frustrated about the same thing. It would be nice If the developer added the option of confirmation which I think wouldn't be crazy hard. I'm sure the company already knows about the frustration butdoesnt care. It's private company and they can do whatever and so am I. there is no reason for the consumer to torture oneself with constant frustration. I just found a better game with similar concept. I'm done with this game. I know the developer wants to be compensated for their hard work and get more ppl to buy the gem but this is not the best way to sell gem. When you frustrage ppl like that the last thing ppl will do is give the company more $ to buy gem. What about building more interesting content that ppl would want to spend money? When are you going to up date the content making it more interesting as level up. All team lava game is built to get bored up to certain level because it's so monotonic. It would be the best interest for the developer to be more sensitive to the consumer's wish otherwise they will lose their fan base to other competitor. At least you lost me.

11-27-10, 10:47 AM
I agree. There really needs to be a confirmation step. I've lost 20 gems for 20,000 coins... by accident. It's all good that the process of purchasing gems has extra confirmation, but what is the point of spending money on gems just to spend said gems on accidental touches? It's ridiculous. This is the only real frustration I have with the game. Please, please, please put in a confirmation step.