View Full Version : Four Diamond Pegasus'!

10-02-12, 04:18 PM
I was just visiting some Islands when I saw this one that had FOUR DIAMONDS, and I still can't even manage to get one... *sigh*

10-02-12, 04:22 PM
I can't get one either. I'm struggling in both Monster Story and Dragon Story. I feel like TeamLava has turned off the Diamonds possibility for me.

10-02-12, 05:01 PM
I still can't get one in dragon or monster story and dragon story I'm level 59 and moster 30

[S8] Elsa
10-02-12, 05:04 PM
Wow, that's a nice collection. The Diamond Pegasus is one of my favorite monsters (which may or may not be because it has the characteristics of a pony *ahem*)! The rare monsters can be challenging, but they make your Island look special and unique. They require some patience and persistence, but not everyone has these elite monsters, so keep trying!

Sorry to hear you haven't gotten one yet. Good luck in your future attempts. :(

10-03-12, 04:21 AM
i dont have them in this 1 or Dragon story its starting to annoy the outa me lol

10-03-12, 04:31 AM
Same with me, no luck so far, i hv spent loads of gems in monster to faster breeding period and still no luck so i'm kinda giving up, stuck at level 30 is boring too. I just started dragon story, i hope i have better luck there...or not..at all 😭

10-03-12, 05:51 AM
I have 4 too.... But I must say I do buy gold to speed up breeding so I guess that may have helped me quite a bit :) i think it's mainly luck... I have got mine with palmwing + sea buffalo, leaf lion + wavewing , medusasaur+ Phoenix and shellwing+ burn back lizard :) so there's lots of possibilities!

10-05-12, 01:38 PM
I was actually gonna delete the game( bought no gold),when one evening I put together the usual blue buffalo/palmwing- and was shocked to see the 44 gold speed up sign!so even if u use no gold- u can get the Pegasus!

10-06-12, 07:23 PM
Lol, about to delete it too, takes up space and I don't really play it, just try different diamond combos

10-06-12, 07:25 PM
Deleted it :P

10-08-12, 07:29 AM
Lol, I put it back on them got diamond

10-15-12, 06:32 AM
I can't get one either. I'm struggling in both Monster Story and Dragon Story. I feel like TeamLava has turned off the Diamonds possibility for me.
Me too!:(

10-16-12, 09:54 AM
If you are having trouble getting a diamond pegasus change up which monsters you are breeding with. Also if you find that one of your particular monsters is 'lucky' at getting rare monsters use it in breeding. There are many theories as to why one player is more likely to get a diamond than an other that I wont bother to list them. I have been playing this game for many months now and this is what has happened to me with attempting to get a diamond:
After several months of trying different monsters and getting rares I still had no diamond monsters. I had one monster that when I used him seemed to use it I got noticeably more rares (like 1 in 3 monsters was a rare). I found one combo that got me a diamond with that monster and it got me a diamond on the first try with it: Inferoo named Twig (the lucky monster) + Eaguana named Sveta. For the lols and giggles I went ahead and kept breeding those two while the diamond was being hatched. And on the 4th attempt with that combo I got a second diamond pegasus. At which point I stopped using that combo because by the time that hatched and spending some gold I have been working on getting some diamond hybrids (which has been going well).

In short: Several months nothing, then 2 diamond almost back-to-back