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09-30-12, 09:23 PM
I have responded to all my messages, but they are still in the 'scroll'. is there any waynto delete them? many are days old.

01-20-13, 12:48 PM
To delete messages from your wall press the "x" button to the right of the message.

01-20-13, 12:57 PM
Didn't you say they stay there? I don't have the x.

01-20-13, 12:59 PM
And btw, why does the forum log me out so often, like every 30 minutes and it says I can edit my posts but I can't find the edit tool. Sorry so many questions...newb here.

01-20-13, 01:37 PM
Your wall and your newsfeed are two different things.

Your wall holds 100 messages. You can write on it and delete messages from it.

Your newsfeed retains the last 10 times people have helped and responded to requests. You can't delete from it.

Only members who joined before a certain date have the ability to edit their own posts. There was an issue on that date and no one who joined after can edit.

Not sure about the logging off. I'm on for hours without an issue. Do you have a stable Internet connection?

01-20-13, 02:23 PM
It's ver stable and I don't have a wall unless its called something else.

01-20-13, 02:41 PM
I've let you know how to get to your wall in your other thread (http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?44722-The-Goal-for-friend-invite-and-visits&p=520621#post520621)

01-20-13, 03:39 PM
Thanks. So if I post on my wall does that mean players see my post when they view my wall when visiting? I get messages on the news feed but don't know how to post one. Do I post it on their wall?

01-20-13, 03:44 PM
They can see what you post on your wall. If you collect a heart from their kingdom the game automatically adds that message to their newsfeed. You can still post that you visited on their wall (as newsfeed only holds 10 visits).

01-20-13, 03:55 PM
The scroll you click on showing that people visited and responded to your requests shows the last 20 "actions" from/by others. It automatically places a post on their "scroll" when you visit and click hearts. If you want to send something more personalized then you can place a post on their wall. The scroll posts are not deleteable. You can delete posts on your wall. if you need a helpful neighbor my name on here is my ID.