View Full Version : Uses so much battery!

09-30-12, 02:52 AM
Hi! This game uses battery so quickly! I've asked several of my neighbors and they've had the same problem! I play Bakery, Restaurant, Farm, Pet Hotel, Monster and they don't have this problem! Please fix this! Is anyone else having the same problem? :confused:

09-30-12, 06:01 AM
I don't have that issue. Are you on at least iOS 5.1? That was supposed to resolve the battery issues many iOS users were having on newer devices. But if that's not the case then it could be because many people find this game is super slow and laggy, and the longer you're waiting to try to do simple tasks in the game, the more battery will be used.

09-30-12, 04:31 PM
Yep, experience it too and it sucks!
I could only play under half hour before my battery is red:/
I don't think TL can really help that though..