View Full Version : Blue bed glitch

09-29-12, 01:39 AM
I have a slight problem with my blue bed. Where the squares are green is where it's suppose to sit, but it doesn't. So I can't have it completely against a wall or a bed side table next to it on the left, and if I put it on the right it can actually be kinda 'in' the bed. Anyone else got this problem? Or know how to get it fixed?


09-29-12, 02:40 AM
Try storing it, force closing the app and placing again.

10-01-12, 12:02 PM
I get this happening with several of my items. Some items just absolutely REFUSE to be placed at ALL and I give up and sell them.

10-01-12, 06:55 PM
Tried storing it but it doesn't make a difference. Though I have noticed that if I have it facing the other way then it isn't glitched, just if it's facing that way. Any chance that a mod could help?