View Full Version : what's the "money" item?

09-27-12, 06:36 AM
anyone can post a pic??

i finished the first adventure of king's keep (search the ancient vault) and got reward of a "money" item in my inventory, then i click it and it can be put somewhere. but the pic never shows up so i don't even know where i've put it.

anyone meet this problem? i did load this game several times and did not see it !!

kooky panda
09-27-12, 11:19 AM
I am thinking that this money is a material item. You will probably need this to craft something else. Or for a future adventure.
I have done three of these adventures and the money is just going into my inventory.

09-27-12, 12:17 PM
It's a bug. We're looking into it.

kooky panda
09-27-12, 12:19 PM
oops, guess my guess was wrong.. Thanks for letting us know. lol

09-27-12, 12:22 PM
You're supposed to get coins as a possible reward from adventures, not "money" which has zero function :)