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09-26-12, 10:25 PM
Remember how Android/Kindle Fire got hardly got any of the New Dawn update? Just the Enchanted Farms and the raised foliage costs?
Well now the Enchanted Farms are gone. Someone said on some other thread that they were accidently released for Android and so TL took it away. If this is true, does that mean that the rest of the update could be released if TL wanted to release it, but they just aren't? I mean, it seems like TL doesn't wanted us to get the update at all if they took away the only good part of what Android got.
Why are you doing this TL? And why do you not want us to have Enchanted farms?

09-27-12, 01:03 AM
I checked my DS on my Android device and it seems that my Enchanted Farms were still there. I also visited some neighbors who played on Android as well and theirs were all still there as well.
But again, perhaps this New Dawn thing update is not 100% working well yet. Even in iOS there are quite some people complaining about it.

Even so, let us wait and hope that TL will fix all things and make it available for us Android users as well.

09-27-12, 04:15 AM
^ but you can't upgrade from large farm to enchanted farm any more on android devices

kooky panda
09-27-12, 05:22 AM
Based on DW post, it sounds like the enchanted farms may cause issues on the android games, so they removed them.

Enchanted Farms actually aren't available for Android and Kindle Fire devices yet. But if you're not experiencing any issues with them on your device, you can continue to use them. :p