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09-24-12, 12:54 PM
The story start.

Been playing for a while now on level 30 have all common on level 10 plus rare one no peg.

Going back 3-4 weeks ago the 2 new monsters are that week correct me if I'm wrong are medussaur & Phoenix

So I've been not breading my monster trying to get them on epic form before I bread them.
In that time I get my first medusaur.

Now I had a birdball plus now a medus I was happy.

So I'm on the goal to breed a shell, I manged to form an inferoo egg while trying to get the shell.

In the end did get a shell can't remember but i say it was a wavewing & leaf lion.

With this kind of luck I was quit happy but after that my luck ran dry so badly.

No rares just common I was mixing my epic rares in the breeding garden but all that was happening was the same thing common and worst still your epic rare is stuck there for 15h waiting for a wave wing on 16h for a leaf lion eta eta.

Gold did get wasted.

Now I was at a stage were I did get rares but every time it was a repeat.

So I get a shell, then later on I get another inferoo(happy) & another birdball.

I was losing the passion for the game all I was getting were leaf lions griffin shraptors ecogoo.

I was breeding them just to end up selling for 100 coins (30+ gold on some occasions used just to speed it up)

Had a bit of gold
So I tried every combo using always a lvl 10 monster and nothing.
Then 1 monster epic 1 at level 7 again nothing.

Now if you breed to level seven monster your chances of getting a rare are 66% so far for me out of 3 tried 2 eggs are rare.

So you may ask what did I get?

1st try a phoenix.
2nd try (different monsters) Eaguana
3rd in the breeding garden will be a shraptor (100% sure)

Looked at the pic of the guy who breed a kraken his peg and blob are both not epic.

Need a Pegasus.

09-24-12, 05:41 PM
Just an update that 12h bread wasn't a shraptor it was another phoenix.

That 100% success getting rare.

09-26-12, 06:11 PM
Just a quick update on my progress since using the level 7 monster breeding method.

4th was an ecogoo
5th was a shraptor
6th was a mostrich
7th breeding now is a inferoo.

So far in 7 tries 5 have been rare monsters.

Always I bread monster of duel element & with another of duel elements but never do the monster share a same element.

So I'll put a leaf lion with a birdball (making 4 different elements)

I'll keep this thread updated with my progress.

I have noticed the name of a monster make no difference.

09-28-12, 05:53 AM
For the rarer shell combos breed the common shell with the color. Shell/blue combo with blue to get a rare/ super rare shell blue combo. This has worked for me 2 times in a row here and once on dragon story. I still don't know how to get a Pegasus though.