View Full Version : I'm getting annoyed....

09-21-12, 01:49 PM
Ok, I've kept my mouth pretty much shut about this all day today, but I just can't take it anymore!

I keep trying to change rooms around, or look for items in the design tab, but EVERY TIME someone "likes" something in my house I get the processing flash and most of what I've done gets cancelled out. It doesn't even say "processing", the screen just gets a bit darker and then what I had just did is gone.

It's driving me INSANE. Why does this ONLY happen when someone LIKES something? This used to happen to me in Fashion if someone LIKED something while I was in my catalog putting in/out orders, and now it's happening in this game.

Is it only me???? I'm seriously considering only putting items in my home that aren't likeable at this point, as it's the only way I can get anything done. :(:rolleyes:

kooky panda
09-21-12, 03:28 PM
I have not had this problem:confused:

09-21-12, 05:27 PM
Feel lucky then. All afternoon it was doing it to me. I decided to give up on redecorating today in the hopes that tomorrow I won't get that "blip" everytime someone likes me, or wait until Monday when everyone is back at work/school and the game is more free of players in the day and I can get things done. :p

09-22-12, 01:33 AM
I've had a ton of resetting in every TL game I play yesterday/today except this one *knock on wood

09-24-12, 09:21 AM
Just an update but it hasn't stopped happening all weekend. I even caved and uninstalled/reinstalled the game last night and it's still happening. :(