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09-21-12, 08:29 AM
I (on another account) have been playing City Story Metro for a while and I love it. There are just some changes that should make the game perfect:

The VERY VERY FIRST thing is, oh god, please allow iphone?s music player to play in background. CityStoryMetro?s gameplay is meant to be short because of all the energy restriction and stuff. But every time I want to check the game while I am listening to music, it stops. It is just so annoying to replay the song each time. So please please make a change on this.
Industry limit: With only 6 industries, the goods we can get are so limited (about 1000 per 2hour) and this means income is also limited. Restricted income is a reason that makes me consider quitting CSM because I don't have target anymore. I?ve got almost anything I can buy except wonders. However, with my current income, it will take approximately 1-mth of saving to just buy the cheapest wonder and this is non-sense. So if you want high level players to stay, please let us ?really? expand our city;
Toggle on/off button: Sometime I just want to enjoy looking at my city but because of all those status signs, I have to get to the photo mode. If there is a button besides EDIT that can toggle on/off the buildings? status it would definitely more convenient;
I love the night view but I think it can be a lot darker. Maybe there could be 3-level of changes: daylight view, current nightview and a darker one;
Another thing I would like to comment on is the green borderline showing the land I have purchased. It really bugs me ?cause it looks weird. Can you just show it in the edit mode instead?;
Visiting: The current benefit for visiting is too small and that provides no incentives for people to visit;
The Daily bonuses, same as above, are also too small and thus unnecessary.

Here are the architectural suggestions too:

The buildings and shops do not have to be square. They could be 2x1 or 4x3 or whatsoever.
There could be a building upgrade system that gives new looks of the buildings. The upgrade can cost money or materials.
Can you add a bridge that allows water to merge under the road? Right now it separates if you put a road in the middle of them.
Some other possible things: Raw forest tree for purchase, road with street light, road that only merge in 2 directions(eg. straight and corner road), more shopping malls, cheaper tall wonder buildings, more green stuff(eg. More small parks), thematic buildings and decorations(Halloween, Christmas, etc)

Wow, I didn't even realize I wrote such a long post.
TL, please take these into consideration 'cause I really like this game :)

09-22-12, 09:09 AM
They need to add things that a real city needs to function, such as a train line.