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09-20-12, 02:52 AM
Dear city story metro developers:
I find a bug twice.
About 3 weeks ago, I had a goal to reach level 12 in slot. But both this goal and note book which the goals are written on it disappeared and appeared on and on, on and on. This situation lasted for about whole day long.
This bug came to me this afternoon again.
The first step on the note book was asking me to download and play "dragon story:new dawn", when i was downloading the game, the note book also disappeared and appeared on and on. After downloading, I entered the game and play for a while. Then I returned to city story metro.
Then, the second step in the note book was to receive rental from two residences.
I did it and the game rewarded me 30 gems. The 3rd step was to reach level 17 in dragon story. Just at this moment, with a sound of DING, both my reward and note book disappeared.
So I closed and restarted the game. Sometime the note book came to me again, sometime it didn't. and every time if the note book appeared, I received the rental from two residences, then the game rewarded me 30 gems and let me reach 17 levels in dragon story and after a sound of ding, gems disappeard again!
This bug last 2 hours, within this 2 hours, I was only busy with closing and restarting the game, getting my 30 gems as reward and suddenly lost it with a sound of ding.
I had 30 gems, and with the reward I had 60 gems and bought a decoration which cost me 55 gems. Now I have 5 gems. I am very afraid that my new beloved decoration will also disappear!

09-22-12, 02:38 AM
Same with me... The item you bought wont disappear as it is something you have to retry until it saves eventually