View Full Version : Magic Posion Shop Bug

09-19-12, 05:12 AM
Got a New iPad with iOS 5.1 ans CS 1.0.

For several New buildings after Level 10 I need Architects past. The Posion Shop can only be built at Level 1000 (!!!). Only Way to get is to buy with gems. Sorry, this is the First time Team lava built in this mone steeling bug. If that is Not changed immediately, i will make a comment to the iStore recommendation Board. Sorry. I had a lot of Fun with your games. But this has gone too far. There is nothing New in Level 11 besides the stable. And it is really Crazy to Force People to buy gems to Build ist.

kooky panda
09-19-12, 07:53 AM
There is a thread a staff member is answering questions on.
Please post your questions and feedback on this thread .