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09-19-12, 04:59 AM
How do you replace or move the garden space to add rooms with walls? I tried moving the original garden/patio items to the adjoining green space, but was unable to place a floor where the grass had been. Also, There is no door on that side of the LR.

I want to expand the size of the living room, and at least one bedroom. Can I do that? What about adding or moving door openings?..??

09-19-12, 05:06 AM
Once you've expanded an area you'll see a light green line around that space. Those are the areas you can place rooms or items in. To expand your land, tap one of the Land for Sale signs.

The main door and the main room can't be moved or stored, all other rooms can be rotated, moved to other areas, or stored. You can't expand the size of an already built room. You need to purchase a bigger room. None of the door openings in any of the rooms can be moved but they can be shifted depending on which way you have a room turned. Try rotating some of your rooms and see how the door openings shift.

09-19-12, 05:07 AM
You can't expand an existing room. You would have to store it and put a larger room in its place, unfortunately. And I'm guessing that you couldn't place a floor where the grass had been because there isn't a room. You can only add flooring where a room has been built.

09-19-12, 06:55 AM
Thanks everyone! Ill try moving out all of the garden stuff and se if I can put rooms in its place. Can you rotate the LR?

I'm a little hesitant to move my rooms very much, because I lost 2 when I paid for a quick build and the tried to move them.
Weird...there was just a puff of smoke and they were gone....not in storage either. Maybe Iaccidentally hit sell?.??

09-19-12, 07:37 AM
You can't rotate, move, or sell the main room with the front door.

Maybe you did hit sell. Check the room tab and see if any have a x1 on them, if they do, then you didn't sell them.