View Full Version : Loosing coins

11-24-10, 07:35 AM
Has anyone noticed your coins lately on if you are loosing them or they stay the same. Well if you have lost them don't feel bad mine gets lost all the time like for instance this morning I had 51,000 coins then I went in and accepted my gifts and then came back and it had dropped down to 27,000 coins. Then about an hour later I went in to check my stuff and it said I got almost 4,000 coins while I was away then that brought my coins up to 31,000 then I went in and accepted mt gifts again then it dropped my coins back down to 27,000. I have emailed these people like 4 times and no response yet and now I know they owe me over 100,000 coins

11-25-10, 04:58 AM
Yes, I have also lost coins. Not as many as you! No response from TL support either.

11-25-10, 01:13 PM
I haven't tracked things as closely as you have, but i've noticed that no matter how long I play, my coin balance is staying within a couple thousand coin range. So it may say I've made X coins (usually in the 4-7 thou range) and I would expect to be noticing my balance to be going up by tens of thousands every few days; but it's not... Ive not been able to get above 200K. I've been between 175 & 190 for over a week. And I'm not buying things that would account for it either.
So add me to the list.