View Full Version : Who would like Gold Sales, Storage Options, and.......?

09-17-12, 12:14 AM
Dear Team Lava,
I have been playing your games for a little over a year now. I started while I was deployed and we had a wifi spot in the morale tent and I found Zoo Story (stopped playing that one, sorry). Thats why I'm stuck with MonniesZoo as a storm8 id. I have played pretty much all your games and I am currently playing Dragon and Fashion Story. I am loving these two games a lot but I wanted to ask if there is anyway possible to have gold sales in Dragon Story like you do in your other games as well as storage options. I am on a budget and my husband has flipped on my team lava purchases (he hates ya'll by the way). I am allowed 5-10 dollars a paycheck. I NEED sales! Please! As far as storage, I have had times where I am trying to move my habitats around and can't because my decor is in the way so I have to sell them. It's so frustrating. Storage options would be a huge deal for the community as well. My other request, is there any way that you can create a shortcut for us when we go to a persons island, we can visit and click back to our wall instead of having to go home and then click our way back to our wall. I like visiting folks who post on my wall, but it's a time consuming task to click back constantlly on my phone. Well, I appreciate your time and hopefully ya'll can implement these ideas.

09-18-12, 11:08 AM
Thank you for the ideas and suggestions. I will pass these along to our devs.

10-04-12, 04:44 PM
Get ideas there, would love storage 'island', lol, sales on gold would be fantastic, grandson and I both have games, it is hurting the purse a little buying gold at times for both games, an also we both play zoo story. Also would a Christmas island and reindeer dragons, and Xmas type decorations (lights) lol, an trees specific to Xmas on the island and maybe not so expensive to expand, as a bonus for that time of year, (hey a sleigh for the dragons maybe) lol, thanks

11-03-12, 10:16 AM
That would be so great so we can save stuff. Then we could actually be able to design our island. Instead of buying then having to sell the stuff.

11-04-12, 03:36 PM
Yes!!! Storage and gold sale would be awesome !!!
We got that on Farm Story so why not on Dragon ?

Please please consider this 🙏

11-04-12, 03:50 PM
Great ideas...storage would be fantastic!!