View Full Version : How To Earn Money Fast?

09-14-12, 10:22 PM
Any Way To Earn Money Fast?
Any Tips? Cause It's to Hard To Play.
TL Please Double The Earned Money!!!
I Want The Skyview Restaurant 450 To 900
So We Can Earn More Money....

09-16-12, 02:48 AM
Not sure what factory you use for supplies or what time option you use, because that will make a difference, but...for the price of the Skyview Restaurant (10,800), you could buy a Junk Yard (6,800) and a Bakery (3,600). In 15 minutes the Skyview will produce 450 coins. The Junk Yard produces 290 coins in 5 minutes and the Bakery produces 160 coins in 5 minutes. The coin total for the Junk Yard and Bakery in 15 minutes is 1,350...so 900 more coins than the Skyview. Put simply, the Junk Yard and Bakery will give you the same amount of coins as the Skyview but at 1/3 of the time.

09-16-12, 04:00 AM
Any of these won't really help. If you pick money from several businesses, even with 6 Idea Factories, you'll run out of goods very quickly. And energy. Result is that you'll just pump money from 2-3 businesses for about 10 minutes time, then you must wait for almost two hours to get more goods and slowly collect money from less profitable houses now and then (and that feels like waste of energy). And rest of the city just lies there with only purpose for existance being looking good.

I truly wish some of restrictions would rise during the game, you could build more factories, collect more energy... Otherwise as expanding gets more and more expencive, playing the game gets more and more frustrating.