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09-12-12, 08:57 PM
Just saw in it the design menu.

09-12-12, 09:03 PM
It seems as if content gets released a bit early in Home Design Story.

09-12-12, 11:58 PM

09-13-12, 12:18 AM

09-13-12, 10:52 AM
So ridiculously happy about this!!!

09-20-12, 11:55 AM
also the 4x4 room is here! called a walk in closet

09-20-12, 01:00 PM
Just saw in it the design menu.

I call that one 3x3 because it takes 3 tiles/carpet squares across & down when putting in flooring. I think the master bedroom is 6x6. 6 tiles across & down.

09-20-12, 01:03 PM
I think the walk in closet is 2x2. It takes a total of 4 squares of tile to put in flooring whereas a 3x3 takes a total of 9 squares of tiles to put in flooring.

09-20-12, 03:22 PM
My rooms are tiny! I keep adding the chic bedroom ( only one I can afford). It barely contains a twin bed and desk. The dimensions on my game is a a 2x3. I tried the kids room and it is 2X4. I wish they showed the dimensions, because the pictures are misleading. The original LR, and garden were reasonable.

Yes, the pool gets pretty expensive and isn't really very neat. Hope some new options pop up soon.

09-20-12, 04:27 PM
I think that some of the new rooms are getting a little too big. And what's with the two halls. Are they suppose to be dance halls or meeting halls or just really wide hallways?